Nina K.

About the Foundation

Cultural Charity Foundation 1?8 — is a project, the idea of which came to my mind during my deep yoga and meditation practices. The aim of the Foundation is to help people do the most significant thing in their lives — search their souls and  realize their spiritual potential.

Foundation’s Projects — are instruments to bring these ambition into reality.

People, staying side-by-side with me — are your guides to the better world where each one of us can overreach him- or herself day-to-day.

And it’s You to old the keys to the Kingdom of change and happiness in your life.

(People in lotus)

1?8 Foundation — is expanding fringe of consciousness and spiritual, cultural empowerment.

1?8 Foundation — is an opportunity to draw inspiration and strength from the origins.

1?8 Foundation — is art of understanding yourself and your life priorities.



Becoming acquainted of your capacity margins in order to expand them and go beyond, feeling your integrity and belonginess to the Universe. Creating your happy life, cultivating your spiritual awareness.

Why 1?8?

It is no wonder that number 108 appears in the Foundations name. Should we just pay attention to a lot of significant meanings hiden in it, so that 108 can be found.

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