Successful model, actress, certified specialist of international Yoga alliance, founder of 1💎8 Cultural Organization.

Modelling career has started for Ninel at the age of 17 in Europe. However, her self-determination has been a lever to bring her to higher success, so she started working with brands and magazines directly. She has been taking part in brilliant photo campaigns in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Los Angeles, meeting a lot of artists and prominent personalities. This experience lift the lid on the idea of creating something special, that will represent her personality on her own. Once on a Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2017 the precise idea of a distinct swimwear collection with her signature style came about. The decision to promote the swimwear by herself occurred as an answer to modern society demand.  But the core of the 1💎8 project lies deeper than swimwear retail. Ninel pursues the idea of helping young people to develop their talents. 

“1💎8 Cultural Organization is about communication and development while travelling, educational camps and trainings. Wisdom and knowledge of previous generations are to merge with modern society achievements and become a powerful prosperity booster.”

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It’s been my lifelong desire to help people!

 The idea of creating a charity organization has come when I was still a Pedagogic Institute student. I have always known that I want to obtain knowledge and share it with other people, as far as I feel the real happiness is in transmitting mindfulness and love to another person. That’s why I set myself up to traveling and going out of my comfort zone. I’ve started communicating with different people around, understanding and accepting this World, searching for my own place and learning from the best Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan spiritual teachers.

I am so happy my life has let me the opportunity to establish                            1💎8 Cultural Organization.

It’s a human development Organization: “Going back to yourself” It’s a Organization of a helpful hand for young people who wish to grow themselves. Of a given to every person, poor or rich, opportunity to travel and grow through communication, to gather at artistic trainings and get over an old school patterns system about the World. It’s also an opportunity to go deeper in spiritual studies and get more knowledge about yourselves.

All the profit I get from selling swimsuits, I send to the Organization, where we can create gorgeous new projects altogether!

All questions and advice can be sent to my personal email:

I will be glad to answer all of them!  Sincerely yours, Nina K.